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Our Hosts

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Chris Kaleiki

Game Designer

Chris recently left Blizzard Entertainment, where he worked for 13-years on World of Warcraft building classes, systems and PvP. He's currently building up rested XP for his next big adventure.

Candace Thomas

Game Designer

A huge MMO nerd, she's been making them for almost 15 years, working on titles like World of Warcraft, Diablo, an unannounced LOTR MMO, and soon -- the next MMO from Riot Games.

Luca Fusi

Sound Designer

Doing sound design for over a decade in studios like PopCap on games like Plants vs. Zombies to Blizzard Entertainment on Heroes of the Storm, and now at Klei Entertainment, creators of Don't Starve. Luca is also known to bake a mean sourdough.

Kevin Jordan

Game Designer

The original class designer on World of Warcraft, Kevin designed many of the original spells and gameplay in one of the world's most cherished games. These days, Kevin is the "Yoda" of MMO game design where he shares his wisdom and pithy takes on his Twitch stream.

Past Shows

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